ICONA Patented

This is the evolution of ICONA. Our aim was to offer to our customers a product with safety standards that are higher by 25-30% compared to those required by the severest Certification tests (ASTM - PAS 015 2011 - VG1 - KITEMARK)
We found that only vertical impact was examined In the “drop” tests carried out in the laboratory, during which the helmet must be able to absorb all the energy in one single point. However, analyzing what happens in real-life accidents, we realized that that helmet must be able to slide over objects or on surfaces to diminish as much as possible the kinetic energy of the impact. Therefore, in the designing phase, we also considered the external surface, making it smooth, non-stick and without any bumps or protuberances. In addition to this, we deliberately opted to use reinforced fiberglass for the cap, with the technique of “bag molding” that allows greater compression of the fibers inside the resin, consequently increasing the resistance to impact. It should be remembered that when speed is doubled, the kinetic energy released in the impact increases eight-fold. For this reason, it is fundamental that a safeti helmet has the above-described characteristics. Our STARTING-POINT is represented by the standard minimum requisites. Exceeding them for your safety represents our GOAL.

250gr Full Fibre

“Bag moulding” is the technique we have used to obtain greater resistance to impact by means of greater compression of the fibres inside the resin.

+30% Air Conditioning

Keeping a cool head and having clear ideas helps you to face the challenges of life.

+30% Security Crash

ICONA passes the certification tests with a wide margin of safety of 30%.


Check the helmet at regular intervals for visible demage.
Small scratches do not impair the protective effect of the helmet

    All our riding helmets satisfy the european standard PAS 015 2011/VG1 01.040 2014-12/ ASTM F 1163-13 and the European Directive 89/686/EEC and therefore bear the CE symbol. As specified by the standard, the helmets are tested for shock absorbance, penetration, deflection, the strength of the chin strap and covering zones. This helmet is only suitable for use in equestrian sports. This helmet guarantees the levels of performance required by EN regulation 1384:2012 and has been subjected to further, much more severe tests (as described in the technical specifications VG1 01.040 2014)
    Check the helmet at regular intervals for visible demage. Small scratches do not impair the protective effect of the helmet. Only use original parts for repairs. Please contact your dealer. Do not apply paint varnish or adhesive to the helmet as these may contain components that could have negative effect on the stability of the helmet and in turn the protection qualities. Do not modify the helmet in any way! Never drill into the helmet or screw on object. During transport of the Personal Protective Equipment, the original packing box in which the product was sold must be used.

    Following a violent impact, even if the hardhat shows no visible damage, it must be replaced because the shock-absorbing material may have exhau-sted its protective capacity and therefore be unable to serve its purpose in the event of further impact.
    Clean with neutral soap and water only. Never clean with solvents (paint thinner, acetone, trichloroethylene, etc.) because they can alter the characteristic and quality of the hardhat. In general, avoid contact with corrosive or aggressive substances.
  • LIFE
    The life of this helmet depends on the care and maintenance it receives, as well as on the frequency of its use, because over time its capacity for protection decreases due to the aging of the materials. The manufacturing date is shown inside the helmet. Approximate duration of the helmet: 5 years. Keep the helmet in the envelope provided.

DYNAMIK Patented

With Experience in dominating the material, using aluminium as the best technical mechanical solution with the highest performance. The suggestions of the best riders, together with an in- depth understanding of the material and the results achieved and confirmed in the laboratory have given rise to the creation in 2004 of the first stirrup in drawn aluminium, innovative in its grip, which for its lightness, resistance and safety exceeds all the parameters required by the standard regulations.